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Tulpas create an existence....

Tulpas: Hang Nail: 2019

A “tulpa” is defined as a being or object that is created in the imagination by visualisation techniques such as in Tibetan mysticism. As a solo project, it may be that Andy Fish's tulpas are playing along with him! Although also a member of band “Landspeeder”, Andy decided to lay his own songs down in one album “Hang Nail” and I am glad I was made aware of its actual existence.

The original full-length album was loaded to Youtube and I liked it immediately. The vocals have an off-key punk style and I love the fuzz guitar hammering an edgy macho roughness throughout, supported by a rousing bass.

The tracks are well constructed and eccentrically catchy with a driving undercurrent of darkness. Each song has a unique character of its own, maybe inhabited by tulpas? Interestingly, “The Summer Tree” sounds like “the cemetery” when sung so yes, very dark indeed.

I think the album should gain a wider audience and I was particularly affected by the first track “Lonely Highway” with its infectious hooks, and also the final track, "Flight of the Wild Gander" which contains the chorus "this isn't what you think it is" where you expect a guitar solo but then luckily you get a damn fine one later on.

Maybe the album isn't what I think it is, but I like it and if I had a radio programme, I would play it - Vive La Difference!

The deluxe version of the album can be found at: and the 10 track version of “Hang Nail” is coming out officially on all digital platforms on 1st June, but can currently be heard on Soundcloud at

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