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Victors: on a mission of soulful groove

Victors @ The Pilton Stage 2020, 25th January 2020

Leeds based alternate rock band Victors came to Pilton to compete for a place at Glastonbury 2020....the night was not theirs but they were winners because we now know their music.

They bring us Dream Pop, a smooth silky soundscape with a soulful groove...befitting of the stylish northern City which now emanates the sophistication of its global economy - no more darkness of post-industrial decay but a glittering scene of Indie rock, electronic, psychedelic, RnB and Funk.

This band is emerging after 5 years of hard work and loving what they do, their confidence shines out on stage. They have evolved and matured their synth and guitar sound and one of their songs on Spotify "Tonight" , has had a million and a half streams....its a start. This is a sound that can take you on a dance to the dreamy starry Pennine skies above the backdrop of City lights.......

See more on Facebook: @victorsofficial and listen at: Spotify/Soundcloud

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