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Western Electric Sound System: as cool and deep as an iceberg (New Release)

Updated: May 30, 2021

Review of Western Electric Sound System EP - What's Bred in the Bone - April 2021

Out of the mists, an iceberg of cool drifts into the Music Eye pool.

The iceberg carries a trio of worldly-wise musicians and songs described as narratives, backed by a vivid soundscape. Another write-up hinted at a dark subject matter but what I hear is a beautifully produced feeling of understated power with a baritone vocal of edgy warmth, and electric guitar effects which stir reminiscent emotions echoing in my deepest self; crystalized with rhythmic drumming which melds with a silken intricacy.

Icebergs go deep and Western Electric’s lyrics reflect the very essence of what it means to be human, with song titles of brevity hinting at their subjects like the needs of "Flesh", the strength of "Bone" and the comforting addiction of "Thirst".

They are timeless stories about human nature, why we exist and why we do those things that pervade our life – this is progressive music at its finest.

Western Electric are not shrinking violets and their music is not for the faint hearted! Being masters of their craft, their chemistry creates a heady elixir!

This is Art Rock – a rich tapestry which weaves a powerful electric magnitude, exquisitely sprinkled with magical touches of piano in just the right places.

The EP cover depicts a lone figure with one lone tree at a crossroads, seeming to illustrate that we are on our own and we must be like the tree; blown and bent by the winds of life and the paths and beliefs we take, yet standing resilient and knowing that no-one else can make our decisions for us; all mixed up with our desires, disappointments and fears.

Western Electric’s previous album, "The Incredible Shrinking Man" has many more “chansons noir” with unsettling titles like "Fear and Loathing", "Man in Black", "Night Train" and "At the Edge of the World".

Western Electric Sound System are playing live at Schtumm, The Queen's Head, Box, near Bath on 4th July 21.

See Facebook and the Schtumm Website

Listen and buy their music:

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